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How Do You Know Which Service Is Right For You


With so many different types of nail services available, it can be confusing & difficult to know which is best for you. So let me try to make it a little easier for you. 

Gel polish, structured gel manicures & Gel enhancements are the 3 types of gel service that I offer here at The LNB, but what's the difference?

 GEL POLISH is probably the one most are familiar with. It is literally a nail polish but it is a type of gel so it is cured in the UV lamp. I would recommend this service to clients with good nails that are pretty strong & you should get up to 14 days wear. If your nails are bendy & weak you probably won't get the same wear from a gel polish manicure as you should. Gel polish is removed completely before the new colour is applied.

 Structured Gel Manicure, this service is definitely becoming more well known & is a popular choice for clients whose nails are not strong enough for gel polish alone. It is commonly known as BIAB or Builder In A Bottle & is applied under your gel polish, giving the nail a smoother, stronger & more perfected look. Another advantage of this service is that it can also be used to add length to the nail & repair nails that may have broken between appointments. A structured gel manicure manicure should last up to 3 weeks & then it can be rebalanced or removed.

 GEL ENHANCEMENTS, often known as extensions or false nails, they are the strongest & hardest wearing option for your nails. Length can be added to the nail in the form of a short natural looking nail to much longer lengths. Gel enhancements should give you a 4-5 week wear time, & at this point you would get them rebalanced.

Whichever service you choose for your nails, it is important that you care for them at home. I will do everything I can to create beautiful nails that will last for you, BUT, this is a partnership & I need you to do your part too, this involves daily use of cuticle oil ( if you don't currently use it, I have several options you can purchase at your appointment). It's not using your nails as tools (you know, opening cans with your new nails, using them a scrapers or for picking at stuff to name just a few!), it's wearing gloves when you're washing up or using strong cleaning products as they can cause damage to the gel coating AND your natural nail underneath which can lead to lifting. And of course, it's not picking at your nails! I know it's hard when there's a broken or chipped bit just begging you to pick it, but I promise you will regret it if you do!

Remember, you've paid good money for your nails, so why wouldn't you do your best to keep them looking great??

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