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Beautiful Home Fragrances made in Cornwall.

LA LUNA Cornwall is a small independent business with a passion for natural ingredients, sustainable materials & considered buying. Each candle is handcrafted using the finest of natural ingredients which includes biodegradable, clean burning plant wax. All to bring you little moments of peace & calm.


This means everything to LA LUNA, they genuinely care about the environment, what happens to it & how it is left for future generations. So, no plastic is used in the manufacture or shipping of their products, only biodegradable or recyclable materials.

Soy wax harvested from the renewable crop of the soya bean plant is used ( It is not sourced from South America), it is completely natural, free from GM materials, biodegradable, vegan & cruelty free.


Making candles is a challenging art to master, taking years of practice to learn how to work with the wax, to develop scent & wicking. The candles are made in small batches to ensure accuracy in temperature control, blending & pouring giving you a candle that will burn correctly & with longevity. To give the candles the best fragrance when burning, the candles are cured for two weeks which gives the wax time to crystallise & bind properly with the fragrance.

With a menu of beautiful scents to choose from for every occasion & season, you will have lots of those little moments of peace & calm.

To shop the LA LUNA range just click on the Shop LA LUNA button.

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